And if you know the history

Whoever from Celtic decided to take down the Palestinian flags inside The stadium needs to have a word with themselves. The people of Palestine have been victims of oppression from the Israeli forces who are hell bent on wiping Palestine from the map. For years they have been inflicting cruel tactics on the people of Palestine, and over the last few days the world has witnessed such barbaric acts first hand on social media as men woman and children are murdered and yet governing bodies of the world turn a blind eye.

Our own club was founded to help the poor Irish immigrants of Glasgow who were treated as outcasts and came from a country that was being oppressed by the British, we as supporters sympathise with the plight of country’s such as Palestine and so we should, any right thinking person should, the green brigades decision was criticised by the club and some supporters due to it hijacking Scott browns final home appearance but I’m sure broony wouldn’t have minded he’s a decent guy and it would have generated more publicity to the plight of Palestine and showed some much needed support, the green brigade are often criticised but you can’t deny they do great work for charity and worthy causes, they will always be there to support the club, the shysters on the board on the other hand won’t, it’s about time they remembered what our club Stood for, and if you know the history is a sentence well known at Celtic park, the club either don’t know it or have forgotten it, they should hang their heads in shame.

Howe on the way?

An English news station yesterday reported that Eddie Howe has apparently agreed terms with Celtic and that it’s a done deal and he’s just assembling his back room staff, this led to numerous outlets reporting the story, it was Alex crooks of talksport who reported it the same radio station who employ that trumpet Adrian Durham so I wouldn’t hold my breath. I don’t know if Alex crooks is a credible source or not, if he is then good as getting a coach the Calibre of Eddie Howe is what we need.

This begs the question if it’s Eddie Howe why the long drawn out process? We know Celtic dither on everything but this seems to be taking longer than usual, is Howe still getting a salary from Bournemouth? was Howe getting a back room staff forced on him? Wages? Transfer budget? Director of football? There’s so many unanswered questions The fact he’s reported to be assembling his own staff is a good thing and maybe Celtic are starting to give a manager free reign? Is he against a director of football? Does he want Richard Hughes? Are we getting a director of football? There were numerous candidates reported for weeks and it’s since went quiet, One things for sure we need a new manager in ASAP the season has ended but European qualifiers are not far off and the new league campaign kicks off in July, we need to hit the ground running next season is massive lets hope we hear some news in the upcoming days we desperately need something to look forward to

Farewell to a modern day Celtic legend

Farewell to a Captain, leader, and legend

Tomorrow Tonight will see Celtic captain Scott brown take to the field one last time in the green and white hoops he’s donned for the past 14 years. He’s not going out the way he’d have hoped as we’ve failed to lift any silverware for the first time in a campaign for many a year, but that won’t stop us from recognising the success Scott has led us to in his time at Celtic, 22 major honours he’s won with the club 20 as skipper making him the second most decorated captain in our history after billy McNeill and the most successful player Scottish football has seen in the modern era, he’s a modern day Celtic legend and it’s just a shame that supporters are still not allowed in stadia as it has denied us the opportunity to give him the farewell he deserves, but I’m sure Scott will know the supporters appreciate his efforts and that will be reflected in the messages that will no doubt be noticeable around Celtic park before the match with St Johnstone , he’ll also have seen all the well wishes and tributes on social media, he deserves nothing but praise as he’s led us to so much success and he’s going to be sorely missed around Celtic park.

I remember Scott brown strutting his stuff for Hibs and thinking what an annoying little so and so he was. He loved to wind up players and supporters alike something he’s continued to do his entire career but you could see he was a player, so it came to no surprise when bigger clubs showed an interest, according to Derek Johnstone rangers were on of them, he famously stated on radio Clyde that it was a done deal and he was heading to Ibrox, leading to rangers fans signing ‘we’re going to sign Scott brown’ at Easter road, oh how we’ve laughed at that one throughout the years, as he’s haunted them on numerous occasions since. Scott’s destination of course as we all know was paradise and Gordon Strachan signed him for a fee of £4.4 million, still a record fee between two Scottish sides to this day so that annoying little so and so was now a Celtic player and he quickly demonstrated his talents in the hoops winning the league title in his first season at the club he then added a league cup winners medal to go with the one he won at Hibs as Celtic beat Rangers in the 2009 final, he was made skipper under Tony Mowbray and that continued when Neil Lennon became permanent manager and in 2011 he won his first trophy as Celtic captain as we beat Motherwell in the 2011 Scottish cup final.

The next chapter of Scott’s Celtic career was to be his most successful as the 2011-12 saw us lift our first title in four years and the first of a historic record equalling nine titles in a row, the trophy’s flowed under Neil Lennon and then Ronny delia, but the most successful period of his Celtic career was undoubtedly under Brendan Rodgers, Brendan transformed him at the peak of his career and he was immense in the middle of the park as we swept to a treble undefeated, he was just as vital the following season winning both player of the year awards to reflect his efforts, he continued to play well under Brendan until the managers untimely departure to Leicester, he was then reunited with Neil Lennon and a historic quadruple treble was won under their guidance, this last season didn’t go to plan, but I think we can all agree Scott browns place as a living Celtic legend is secure and he will forever be remembered rightly as a Celtic legend, all the best broony

A familiar site we grew to see, Scott brown with a clean sweep of trophy’s

False truths

There’s a saying that states if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth, well We’ve all heard the denials and the refusals to even discuss the liquidation of rangers football club in the mainstream media and by the rangers supporters, and every one connected to the new Rangers football club, they all like to side step the issue when it’s discussed , they seem to think if they don’t talk about it then it didn’t happen, but they know fine well it happened, despite this they all continue to push the same club myth despite facts disproving their claims, Even prominent figures in rangers history warned what the consequences of liquidation would bring, even after the demise of the club some even wished the new rangers the best of luck. It’s funny because when Craig whyte put rangers in administration the rangers supporters were quite vocal about fighting off liquidation terrified of such action as they knew it would be the end of their club, but like the rangers side of the Second World War era they hid and done nothing as the fighting raged all around them, but unlike the aforementioned rangers team of the second world war years there were no brave folk on hand to save them from disaster as they inevitably folded, and were duly consigned to the history books before Charles green ‘bought’ their history and transferred it to a company called sevco who in turn dressed up as Glasgow rangers all overlooked and still continuing to be spun by the incompetent Scottish football governing bodies.

The rangers supporters denial of liquidation is quite amusing especially on social media were it seems it’s a competition to see who can speak the biggest bullshit when it comes to rewriting history. One claim that’s frequently used and I happened to see it on Twitter the other day to my great amusement was a rangers supporter when teased about liquidation came out with the belter that is ‘Celtic changed their name in 1994 so they can’t be the same club’ even using the infamous Sunday mail front page of a hearse outside Celtic park to highlight his deluded claims, the Twitter user is either too young to remember the events of that time or is ignorant and just swallows the lies spewed by his fellow bears or he could be both who knows? We all know Celtic changed their trading name for business purposes like a lot of other big clubs have done with no unbroken history, we also didn’t suffer the agonising painful embarrassment that Is liquidation although we were close to folding we had a decent reliable man with real money in fergus McCann who saved us from the brink in literally our hour of need, rangers changed their trading name because they were a brand new business due to the demise of the football club in 2012 after no one rid to their rescue and they inevitably folded, not the company as is often used but the football club too no matter how much the media and rangers supporters try to tell you that the club they follow today is the same club it’s always been, sadly for them is not, it’s all on record they can check it, no matter how much facts are put in front of them they always side step the issue before reverting to type replying with a WATP or you’re a peado, much to every Celtic supporters amusement. We will always be on hand to remind them and they will always be there to deny it, but we all know the truth, do they know it or are they just in denial? Maybe A bit of both? to borrow a famous phrase they can’t handle the truth

Oldco Rangers supporters understood the consequences of liquidation
The Sunday mail jumped the gun with the demise of Celtic, it still doesn’t stop ill informed ignorant rangers supporters from believing it’s true


Sundays collapse against Rangers was not surprising we could all see it coming, it’s the first time in my life I didn’t watch a game involving Celtic as I already knew the outcome. It pains me to say it but that side that we support are a bunch of gutless imposters, you’d think with nothing at stake and no pressure on them, plus getting beat by rangers only two weeks ago still fresh in the their minds they would’ve given a bit more but no, nothing, those frauds are just going through the motions some of whom don’t even want to be here, I get that but don’t they have any professional pride? if they don’t want to play for the jersey at least play for their own self respect, they’re meant to be professional after all, the majority of that side should never don a Celtic jersey again, players like Taylor, welsh, soro, forrest and Turnbull should definitely still have a future maybe ajeti and barkas who in my opinion haven’t been given a fair Chance, Some we know are already leaving but the rest including the caretaker management team should be nowhere near Celtic park next season, they have contributed massively to our success the past few years and that should always be remembered, but their attitude or rather lack of it and their gutless displays this term in one of our most important seasons should not be forgotten either, we have been nothing but a comedy show this season from the suits at the top to the guys in the dugout to the players on the pitch we’ve been a laughing stock, amateur sides have been better run than us it says a lot for the strength of the Scottish premiership that we comfortably finished second, it’s time for a clean sweep in the boardroom, in the dug out, and on the pitch, it’s what we as paying supporters deserve after enduring this cluster fuck of a campaign, let’s hope for some much needed movement on the managerial front so a new man can wield the axe and rid us of the imposters who call themselves football players and get in some faces who actually have some pride in themselves and the jersey, and then we can finally put this nightmare campaign behind us and hopefully look forward to a fresh start under a competent managerial team and players who will give a bit of fight on the park something the current crop of players lacked this season in what was one of our most important campaigns in many a year which was quite frankly unforgivable.

The Not so invincible’s

St Johnstone send rangers crashing out their second domestic cup competition of the season

There’s been a lot of talk recently from media and supporters of rangers that the current rangers side are on a par with Brendan Rodgers Celtic invincible’s of 16/17. Let’s just nip that in the bud right here, there’s no denying rangers have been a good side this season, they’ve deserved their title and have been far and away the best team in the country and they could very well could go unbeaten with only two games to go, but to put them on a par with Celtic’s 16/17 side is ridiculous. Celtic’s side then were a cut above the ibrox side today, they won every domestic trophy going and romped home in the league with a record 106 points, they were outstanding and no team could live with them as they claimed a full sweep unbeaten which is also a record, critics will point to the European failure as opposed to rangers good European run, but we were playing in Europe’s premier competition and faced sides such as Man City (who we drew with twice) Barcelona (best forgotten) and Borussia Monchengladbach, we would have coped well with a group containing lech Poznań, standard liege, and benfica I’m quite sure of that so drawing comparisons that way is ludicrous.

Looking at the teams, the goalkeeping and centre back position is probably the only areas you could make an argument between comparisons of the sides, rangers lower goals against tally makes that point, but in the full back positions Mikel lustig and Kieran tierney are better than their rangers counterparts tavernier and barisic, many will point to James Tavernier who is rangers top scorer this season, but If Mikel lustig took penalty’s he too would’ve added to his goal tally but then again with the ibrox side leading such a charmed life in regarding to penalty’s given then maybe not. In midfield Scott brown was in the form of his life, Callum mcgregor was also in fine form chipping in with vital goals, Stuart Armstrong and Tom rogic were a goal threat contributing 29 goals between them, the attacking force of Scott Sinclair, moussa dembele, lee griffiths, James Forrest and paddy roberts amassed an astonishing 94 goals between them over the course of the season, moussa dembele being the top marksman with 32 goals while rangers top marksman is James tavernier with 18 goals and their top forward is Alfredo Morelos currently on 16, so all is clear to see while rangers were better defensively, Celtic had the the better quality and firepower up front to blow teams away and they did and fired themselves to a historic invincible treble, rangers just the other night lost to St Johnstone to exit the Scottish cup, add that to their league cup exit to St mirren to ruin any chance of staying unbeaten and rivalling Celtic’s fine achievement, In the last three games between the two sides Celtic have been wasteful In front of goal they missed so many chances it was hard to believe, if that was Celtic’s invincible’s under Brendan Rodgers Celtic would have took them and blown them away, rangers current title winners are not a patch on Celtic’s invincible’s, no where near it, let’s end these stupid comparisons now, quite frankly trying to compare this rangers side to Celtic’s invincible’s is like trying to say Alfredo Morelos is on a par with moussa dembele, utter nonsense of course, there is only one group of invincible’s in the Scottish game and that’s the ones who went through the entire season unbeaten.

Elite hypocrisy

The Hypocrisy from the fall out of the recent European super league debacle is astonishing. When it was announced twelve elite club sides were forming a European super league criticism was flying from all angles, pundits, supporters, players and other football clubs alike. The pressure got to the clubs that much that they all resigned from the project before it even started and they then had to face the world with their tales between their legs. Pundits and supporters rejoiced the decision and declared it a win for football against greed, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing standing against such greed, but spare me the bullshit about it being a blow for the rich elite, football has been polluted by fat cats for decades now, it’s just one big gravy train for the so called elite sides, think back to when English football sold its soul to Sky TV back in 1992 when they formed the breakaway premier league, a television company for which many of these pundits now work for. The money in England is mind blowing, think about the inflated transfer fees throughout the decades and the enormous salary’s paid out to players, even bang average footballers can become millionaires, think about more recently £80 million for the likes of Harry McGuire, and £20 million for the likes of oli mcburnie, the money these clubs make is sickening, even the club who finishes in last place is guaranteed upwards of £60 million, and then there is the UEFA ‘champions league’ now just an exclusive club for the rich boys, fourth place teams of country’s given instant qualification while ‘champions’ of other nations have to face qualifiers they have no chance of winning. The ‘champions’ league is just a mini European super league, Why they don’t just call it the European super league baffles me, even terrestrial TV coverage was took away from the ordinary supporters and given to satellite TV, company’s that these outraged pundits make a living from, so why the moral outrage now? The hypocrisy is astounding, football has been took over by the rich elite already and it’ll only get worse, anyone thinking this super league knock back is a victory for football is kidding Themselves on. This is only the beginning, money always comes first and in the next few years the football landscape will change dramatically and it won’t be for the benefit of the so called smaller clubs. It would be good to hear the voices of the ones who were most vocal during the super league debacle when it comes to clubs from smaller nations such as our own who are passed aside for the so called bigger sides on a regular basis, but I wouldn’t hold my breath

Empty jerseys

Sunday’s defeat at ibrox means we will end the season without a trophy, the first time that has happened in over a decade. To be fair we don’t deserve anything from this campaign as quite Frankly we have been abysmal. Right from the start of this season on and off the park everything has went against us, what was meant to be a dream season turned into a nightmare.

Sunday’s loss to rangers actually summed up our season, an inability to defend, lack of fight, and unable to put away chances, rangers don’t look anything special they’re just better organised and fight more, their players look more hungrier for success than ours and that’s what it comes down to, heart or in our case lack of it.

One thing that’s certain is that There needs to be a clear out of player personnel, whoever comes in as manager along with the much touted director of football will have a big job on their hands, but it needs to be done, Scott brown has already committed to Aberdeen, eddy and Ajer look likely to leave, laxalt, Duffy and moi will head back to their parent clubs although the latter I’d like to see here on a permanent basis, more should follow out the door, the likes of bitton, Griffiths, rogic, Christie, and ntcham should also be shown the door, some great servants but they’ve been here a while now and appear to be stuck in a comfort zone, a fresh start will do them and us the world of good, I would even think about any offers for the ever reliable Callum mcgregor who’s form has dipped the past few months, maybe a new manager could get the best out of him again, but perhaps a fresh start is also best for him. A team of fresh faces is going to have its problems but it’s needed and best in the long run, we need players who are not only quality but hungry for success, and will fight for the jersey we deserve better than the half hearted lot who have served us this season, they brought us glory the past few years and for that we will be forever grateful, but they let us down in an all important season and that is unforgivable, we need players with fire in the belly to move us forward not empty jerseys

Time to recognise the supporters

With season ticket renewals due to out soon it’s going to an be interesting time, not just because of our poor season and not knowing who’s going to in charge or even what players are going to be here, there’s also the current economical climate were folk have lost their livelihoods due to the ongoing pandemic that is covid 19, plus the question of how many are going to be let back in to the stadium on match days, although with the Scottish governments decision to allow supporters at the upcoming euro matches it looks encouraging.

Many supporters including myself purchased a season ticket last year out of good will knowing there was a high chance we wouldn’t attend any games, as turned out in the end, five hundred quid is a lot of money to shell out particularly in The current climate, many thousands shelled out much more especially those with children, and with times even harder this year with folk having to tighten their belts due to being furloughed or even worse being made unemployed, it would be nice to see the club offer a token gesture such as a discount for next season, money off merchandise something even if it’s a little gesture would show the supporters they care, we are after all the lifeblood of the football club, and as a club with charitable roots it’s the right thing to do

New Ceo Dom McKay is apparently all about the fan experience maybe he could start his reign by showing this and endear himself to the supporters, Although their is rumblings that Peter Lawwell is still pulling the strings before he leaves so I wouldn’t hold my breath

Howe about blanking the media

It was reported last week that Eddie Howe was close to being named new Celtic boss, since then supporters have been quick to jump the gun, with wild speculation flying around social media that he would be revealed as manager on Tuesday.

So when Tuesday came and went and no new manager being confirmed, social media went into a frenzy and supporters started to get worried that he’s changed his mind or has his heart set on a English premier league side, lashing out at Celtic for taking to long to seal the deal, and with reports last night apparently from Eddie Howes agent saying he isn’t looking for a managers position until the summer the anxiety level of supporters reached an all time high, Celtic predictably getting it tight, some supporters need to relax and take a deep breath and think who told us Howe was going to be manager? The media that’s who, Celtic have never been quoted saying they were in talks with Howe, the media have said that and when do you ever listen to that shower? If Celtic want Howe and Howe wants to go to Celtic it’ll happen, if not we move on, supporters need to have some patience and see what happens, no point in getting worked up about something that might not even be happening, so take my advice and never listen to the media they love to play you, don’t allow them to do so

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